Planning Board


Subdivisions & Site Plans:

When new lots are created, or when certain types of activities are proposed, an application will need to be filed with the Planning Board.  In most cases, both the Subdivision and the Site Plan process involve the development of detailed surveyed and engineered plans.  Unless you are already familiar with these application procedures, it is recommended that you first contact the office to discuss the proposed project.  Voluntary Lot Mergers are under the jurisdiction of the Planning and Zoning Administrator. 

Land Use Regulations:

The Planning Board, with the assistance of this department, has the primary responsibility of drafting amendments to the Zoning Ordinance.  Public hearings are held on proposed zoning changes, and the City Council makes the ultimate decision whether or not to approve any amendments.

Planning for the Future:

The future of land use activities and development in Franklin lies primarily in the hands of others, but the Planning Office and the Planning Board are involved in creating a roadmap for change.  Under state statute, the Planning Board is the lead agency for the creation of the City’s Master Plans.  The most recent Master Plan was prepared in 2005.  The above discussion on Land Use Regulations also plays a role in future planning.  And the Planning and Zoning Administrator works with many different individuals and organizations on encouraging positive and beneficial growth and change.

Community & Economic Development:

The Planning Office works in conjunction with the City Manager’s office and the entire City Hall staff to encourage community and economic development in the City.  The 2005 Master Plan contains some guidance about this important issue.  Additionally, the City has an excellent and expanding working relationship with the Franklin Business and Industrial Development Corporation (FBIDC) who actively works to promote the City, grow our commercial and industrial base, and bring new employment opportunities to our residents.  The link above will direct you to the FBIDC site for additional information.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Judy Bibbins Administrative Assistant (603) 934-2341
Seth Creighton, AICP Planning & Zoning Director (603) 934-2341


Name Title
Jo Brown Councilor Rep. (ex-officio)
Ted Starkweather Alternate Councilor Rep.
David Testerman ZBA Liason
David Liberatore Chairman
Christine P. Dzujna Member
Donna Tully Alternate
Robert Sargent Administrative City Official (ex officio)
Kathy Lauer-Rago Member
Tim Flaherty Member
James DeBernardo Alternate
Christine Sheedy Member
Olivia Zink Interim Mayor
Seth Creighton, AICP