2023 Citywide Revaluation

In accordance with RSA 75:8-a
UPDATE 12/8/2024: 
The 2023 Tax Rate for the City of Franklin has been set to $16.26. 
Please take a moment to review the Tax Rate Breakdown and the Property Tax Calculation.
For additional information regarding your property tax calculation, you may refer the New Hampshire Department of Administration website and the following manuals:

NH Equalization Manual

Abatement application can now be submitted to the Assessor Office.
The abatement form and instructions are available by clicking the following link: Abatement information  

KRT Appraisal has completed the informal hearing and review process for Franklin’s Revaluation. If you still believe that your assessment does not reflect fair market value, you have the right to appeal through the abatement process with the Franklin Assessor’s Office.  Abatement application can only be submitted after the final tax bill has been issued (December bill), and prior March 1st, 2024. Please click on the following link for more information: Abatement information  

UPDATE 09/11/2023: The NOTICE OF PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT VALUES were mailed September 14th. For questions, please contact KRT at 1-855-228-4033. Please click here for more information.

The City is currently undergoing a Citywide Revaluation of Assessment Values and has contracted with KRT Appraisal for this service. During this process, KRT Appraisal personnel will be driving around the city to review property assessment records to insure accurate description of each property. Once values are finalized, you will receive a notice of preliminary assessment from them in the mail. The notice will include instructions for scheduling an appointment with them if you want to discuss your new property assessment. To learn more about KRT Appraisal and the Revaluation Process, click on the links below. 

KRT Appraisal Website


Revaluation Frequently Asked Questions

Video from KRT Appraisal: Revaluation Explained

NH Department of Revenue Administration website

RSA 75:8-a Five-Year Valuation. 
The assessors and/or selectmen shall reappraise all real estate within the municipality so that the assessments are at full and true value at least as often as every fifth year, beginning with the later of either of the following:
I. The first year a municipality's assessments were reviewed by the commissioner of the department of revenue administration pursuant to RSA 21-J:3, XXVI and the municipality's assessments were determined to be in accordance with RSA 75:1; or
II. The municipality conducted a full revaluation monitored by the department of revenue administration pursuant to RSA 21-J:11, II, provided that the full revaluation was effective on or after April 1, 1999.