Fire Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Franklin Fire Department is to provide Emergency Medical Care, Fire Suppression, Technical Rescue, and Community Risk Reduction capabilities in order to preserve life and property while ensuring our member’s safety and providing the highest level of service possible to our customers.

Core Values

Respect – Treating all people with respect and dignity

Integrity – Commitment to honest and ethical behaviors

Humility – Being open to critical feedback and understanding our limitations

Compassion – Treating others with Empathy and Understanding

Loyalty – Faithfulness to family, work partners, fire department, and the City of Franklin

Personal Courage – The ability to put fear aside and do what is necessary both physically and morally      

Selfless Service – Putting the welfare of others ahead of our own in the performance of our duty

Vision Statement

The vision of the Franklin Fire Department is to perform our mission by providing an environment of learning and continuous improvement based on our core values and leading industry standards.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael J Foss Fire Chief (603) 934-2205
David Hall Deputy Fire Chief (603) 934-2205
Nicole Havey Administrative Assistant (603) 934-2205