Bill & Tax Payment

Online Payment

Kiosk Fees: $0.95 EFT, 2.95% Credit/Debit Cards

Dog Licenses

Motor Vehicles

Property Taxes

Water / Sewer

Important information regarding Motor Vehicle renewals online

Motor Vehicles can be renewed online only during the month the registration is due with a 7 day cut off period at the end of each month and the month prior. Example if your vehicle is due for renewal in June you can renew it online anytime during the month of May thru June 23rd. Our office has no control over the cut off period and it cannot be changed. Only passenger vehicles, motorcycles and trailers can be renewed online.

Important information regarding Water/Sewer bills online

Kiosk Disclaimer: When a Water/Sewer bill is not paid it is subject to a Tax Lien, When a Lien is placed the Lien pays off all outstanding bills listed on the kiosk creating a zero balance; it then creates a new invoice that lumps all the outstanding bills together, Lien fees are added and the interest rate changes from 15% APR to 18% APR. If the Lien is not redeemed within two years and one day from the date the lien was placed the property will be subject to the Tax Deeding Process per RSA 80.

Invoice Example- Water/Sewer bills are invoiced as 2017W_ _ _ _, 2017S _ _ _ _.

When the bills are lumped together as a lien they will appear as 2017L _ _ _ _.

Please note that any unpaid Water/Sewer accounts will be shut off for nonpayment prior to the lien being placed.

If you have any questions about any invoices you see online please email the Tax Collector or call our office for an explanation, 603-934-3109 thank you.

In-Person Payment

The City Clerk/Tax Collector’s Office accepts cash and check payments in person.  However, the office does not have the staff available to count large quantities of coin and small bills.  Please plan ahead and go to your bank to exchange your coins/dollar bills for larger bills.  Currency limitations include $5.00 in rolled coins, and $100 in one-dollar bills.