Property Tax Information

Real Estate Tax Rate

The current real estate tax rate for the City of Franklin, NH is $24.39 per $1000 of your property's assessed value.

Assessed Value

The assessed value multiplied by the real estate tax rate equals the real estate tax.

Estimate of Property Tax Owed

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How tax bills are calculated for the July and December bills

You can’t take the total tax due in December and multiply it by 2 thinking that is the total tax bill as that is incorrect.  The December tax bill is the total tax bill for the year. 

Below is an example of a property tax billing:  

When using the assessed value use your property's assessed value with the rates and what you paid for July tax bill.

The July bill is calculated using ½ of the prior year’s tax rate against the property's assessed value.  (example - 2017 tax rate $25.56 and ½ is $12.78 and the old assessed value is 213,800 for a July tax bill of $2,732.36)

In November when the new rate was set and the new assessed value was set the bill is calculated as a whole and the July bill is subtracted off and the difference of those two is what is due. (example -  2018 new tax rate $21.96 and new assessed value of 272,700 for total 2018 taxes due of $5,988.00)

2018 Total tax bill:                      $5,988.00
minus July taxes paid:               $2,732.36

equals December tax bill due = $3,255.64

For the July 2019 tax bill we will take ½ the current rate of $21.96 which is $10.98 and multiply that by the new assessed value of 272,700 for a total of $2,994.25.  As you can see it is not 1/2 of the previous December tax bill. 

Property Tax Payment

The City of Franklin offers residents an easy and convenient method to view and pay Property Tax Bills Online.

For all questions related to your property assessment, please contact the City of Franklin's Assessing Department at (603) 934-5449.