Requests for Service

The City of Franklin has established a mechanism for the filing of requests and complaints.  The Service Request Form is available both online and in City buildings, including the offices of the City Manager and the Planning and Zoning department, the Fire Station and the Municipal Services Department, both on West Bow Street.

The form can be used to:

  • Request that certain work be performed (filling a pothole, trimming a dead tree, fixing a street sign, ect.);
  • File a complaint against a property for violation of City ordinances such as zoning or property maintenance (junk cars, trash, ect.).

Once complete, the form should be filed with the City Manager’s office; it will then be distributed to appropriate department for follow-up.

As noted, the forms are intended to address violations of City ordinances.  The City cannot get involved in disputes that fall outside of the framework of the ordinances.

Please note that it is the policy of the City to require written Service Request forms before any department investigates a violation complaint.  We ask for your cooperation in helping us make this process work smoothly so that the interests and rights of all properties are preserved.

Refer to the Land Use Compliance and Enforcement section in the Planning and Zoning Office’s portion of the website for more information on the process of enforcement of the City Zoning Ordinance.