Bids, RFPs and RFQs

Tax deeded property for sale
The City of Franklin is selling land (.291 acres) with single family home located at 139 Thunder
Road (map/lot #100-012-00). This property is currently assessed at $80,000 ($27,900
land/$52,100 building) and the minimum bid is set at $10,000. The following conditions will have
to be met by the successful buyer within 120 days of closing:

1. The existing house and any out buildings must be demolished by the new buyer.
2. Prior to any demolition work, the building must be tested for any asbestos. If any Asbestos Containing Materials are identified then the material must be properly removed and disposed by a qualified DES licensed firm.
3. A Demolition Permit must be obtained from the Planning and Zoning Office.
4. A Building Permit must be obtained prior to the construction of a new residential structure. All Permit and Inspection fees must be paid.
5. Prior to the issuance of a building permit, the buyer must verify that there are existing connections to the City water and sewer systems. If no connections are found, then establishing those connections must be performed before a Certificate of Occupancy for the replacement structure is issued by the Planning Department. All fees for the connections to the water and sewer systems must be paid.
6. The new structure may be placed on the footprint of the existing structure [see the attached subdivision plan, revised 24 January, 1994.]
7. The replacement structure may be shifted on the property, but the new location must either conform to the required setbacks or it cannot be any closer to the front of side lot lines than the existing structure.
8. The driveway must be re-established on the northerly side of the property. A Driveway permit must be obtained from the Franklin Municipal Services Department.

The property is being sold through a quitclaim deed with no title warranties. The property is
serviced by City water. The City will accept sealed bids sent to City Hall, Office of the City Manager
marked “Sealed Bid Thunder”, 316 Central Street, Franklin, NH. Make sure to include your
name/address/phone number and any other contact information as well as your bid amount
which should be in both numbers and words. All bids must be received by the City Manager’s
Office no later than August 10th at 4:00 pm.
For more information call City Hall at 603-934-3900.
The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids.