Municipal Services


Administration oversees the ongoing operation of the entire department.  It ensures compliance with respect to local, state and federal laws; prepares and administers the MSD budget, responds to inquiries and requests by the public; purchases equipment, services and materials; establishes daily and seasonal work schedules for City personnel and hired contractual help; coordinates and assists in planning with the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, the Lakes Region Planning Council and the Franklin Planning Board; and works with other City Departments on numerous activities.

Brian Sullivan

Municipal Services Director

(603) 934-4103

Marie Creasey

Administrative Assistant

(603) 934-4103

Justin Hanscom

Deputy Director

(603) 934-4103

Dan Bushman

Highway Division

(603) 934-4103

Rocky Marsh

Buildings & Grounds Division

(603) 934-2154

Jeff Lutz

Mechanical Division


Mike Amero

Transfer Station

(603) 934-3206