Collection Schedule & Routes

Collection Route Map

Route 1: Monday — West Side

Public Ways:  Anderson Avenue, Apple Farm Road, Bennett Brook Road, Bond Street, Call Road, Carr Street, Carver Street, Chance Pond Road, Circle Drive, Colby Avenue, Daniel Webster Drive, Dana Court, Depot Street, Easy Street, Esker Drive, Fair Street, Finch Drive, Flaghole Road, Gerrish Street, Gilman Street, Glen Falls Road, Griffin Road, Hemlock Drive, Hill Road, Hutchinson Street, Kidder Avenue, Lake Avenue, Lake Shore Drive, Lark Street, Lawndale Avenue, Lawson Avenue, Laxon Avenue, Ledgeview Drive, Lincoln Street, Morrill Court, Nelson Street, North Main Street, North Road, Old South Main Street, Oriole Street, Pasture Drive, Pemigewassett Street, Pine Colony Road, Pinecrest Circle, Profile Drive, Range Road, Robin Street, Salisbury Road, Sand Hill Road, Smiling Hill, Road, Smith Hill Road, South Main Street, Sterling Drive, Sturtevant Street, Summit Street, Thunder Road, Timberland Drive, Upland Drive, Valley Street, Webster Avenue, Webster Lake Road, Wells Street.

Private Ways:  Arna Lane (pick up on Webster Avenue); Black Hill Lane (pick up on Thunder Road); Doucette Drive (pick up on South Main St); Garneau Road (pick up on Carr St); Kenrick Farm Road (pick up on South Main St); Kimball Street (pick up on Lawndale Avenue); Log Cabin Road (pick up on Webster Lake Road); Mullavey Way (pick up on South Main Street); North Shore Lane (pick up on Lake Shore Dr); Prescott Lane (pick up on Lincoln St); Ridge Farm Road (pick up on Lake Shore Dr); Rock Farm Road (pick up on Lake Shore Dr); Rudolph Lane (pick up on North Main St); Sophie Lane (pick up on South Main St); Swallow Hill Road (pick up on Apple Farm Road); Vine Street (pick up on Lincoln Street); Woody Lane (pick up on Kidder Ave).

Route 2: Wednesday — Central & South

Public Ways:  Auburn Street, Ayles Ct., Baldwin Street, Beech Street, Birch Drive, Central Street, Church Street, Cricket Hill Way, Cross Mill Road, Daniell Point Road, Davis Street, East High Street, Edgewood Street, Edmunds Street, Elkins Street, Elm Street, Evergreen Avenue, Fairway Drive, Ferncliff Drive, Franklin Street, Gile Road, Grove Street, Heath Road, Highland Avenue, Ladybug Lane,  Lancaster Street, Leach Avenue, Munroe Street, Myrtle Avenue, Oak Street, Orchard Street, Pine Street, Pleasant Street, Poplar Street, Prospect Street, River Street, Russell Street, School Street, Shaw Road, Sky Meadow Lane, Spring Street, Stone Avenue, Terrace Road, View Street, West High Street, Wilderness Avenue, Winnipesaukee Street, Woodridge Road.

Private Ways:  Daniell Street (pick up on Woodridge Road); Evans Court (pick up on Elkins Street); Flanders Court (pick up on Franklin Street); Jason Street (pick up on Prospect Street); Kelly Road (pick up on Prospect Street); King Street (pick up on Pleasant Street); Outback Court (pick up on Terrace Road).

Route 3: Friday — North

Public Ways:  Adams Avenue, Aiken Avenue, Babbitt Road, Beaton Street, Calef Hill Road, Canal Street, Charles Street, Cheney Street, Chestnut Street, Circuit Street, Clark Street, Constitution Avenue, Cross Street, Dearborn Street, Duffy Street, East Bow Street, Edwards Street, Forrest Street, Frances Street, Freedom Drive, Gile Pond Road, Glory Avenue, Hampshire Drive, Hideaway Lane, Hillary Drive, Hunt Street, Independence Avenue, Jeanette Street, Kendall Street, Liberty Avenue, Madeline Street, Madison Street, Maple Square, Mark Road, Meadowood Drive, North Sulloway Street, New Boston Road, New Hampton Road, Park Street, Patriot Avenue, Peabody Place, Pearl Street, Proctor Street, Robert Street, Rowell Drive, Sanborn Street, Sanger Street, South Sulloway Street, Thompson Park, Victory Drive, Ward Hill Road, Washington Avenue, West Bow Street, Woodbine Drive, Woodrow Avenue.

Private Ways:  Lepage Rd (pick up on New Hampton Rd); Pemi Shore Lane (pick up on New Hampton Rd); Riverview Dr (pick up on Victory Dr); Shannon Road (pick up on Sanborn Street); Tower Street (pick up on Victory Drive); Waverly Street (pick up on New Hampton Road); Wyatt Court (pick up on Sanborn Street).

Federal Holidays

If your collection day happens to fall on a federal holiday, your trash and recycling will be picked up the next day.  This includes the Friday after Thanksgiving.  If, for any reason, your container(s) are not picked up (unless they are tagged with a courtesy notice) leave them out and they will be picked up the next day.