Curbside Collection Program

Going Green

Franklin is implementing a new program to dispose of waste within the City.  There are many benefits of the program including ease of use, cost reductions for taxpayers over the current method, cleaner look, fewer instances of animal interference, and going GREEN!  Mandatory recycling will be enforced at the Curbside and at the Transfer Station.  The more we recycle, the more money we save!

If you choose not to participate, please fill out the Notice Declining Curbside Trash & Recycling form.

How It Works

Residents will be provided (2) containers: (1) for trash and (1) for recyclables, delivered to your home.

  • If you choose to recycle your old trash cans, you may do so at the transfer station.
  • Recyclables must be in a separate container from trash.
  • Trash must be bagged and must fit within the container with the lid closed.
  • Recyclables must be loose (not bagged) and co-mingled (there is no need to separate recyclables by type) within the container with the lid closed.
  • In order to maximize space, recyclables should be broken down. Anything over the size of a 5 gallon bucket must be broken down.
  • Containers must be wheeled out to the curb no earlier than 12 hours before pick up and no later than 6:45 am on collection day.
  • Remove the containers from the street at the end of collection day.
  • Loose trash or trash outside of the container will not be picked up.
  • Automated collection trucks will pick up both trash & recyclables.
  • Containers must be placed as depicted above, separated, so that the truck can pick them up. The apron or end of your driveway is a perfect spot for containers.
  • Place the container at least 3 feet from objects (such as mailboxes, fences, etc).
  • Do not place under low hanging branches.
  • The lid must open from the road side; handle faces house.
  • Please remember to clear ice & snow from an area at curbside for containers in the winter.
  • Trash & recyclables are also accepted at the transfer station.