Assessing Department

The assessment year runs from April 1st through March 31st.
The annual assessment of properties located within the city to determine fair market value is as of April 1st for tax purposes.


Current Tax Exemptions:

Income Limits: all combined income not more than
$35,800 single
$44,700 married
Asset Limits:  not in excess of $74,300 excluding the value of the actual residence up to 2 acres.
Elderly Exemption amounts:
  • 65-74 Years of Age             $76,600 
  • 75-79 Years of Age             $116,100 
  • 80 or More Years of Age    $267,000 

Blind Exemption: $15,000.00

Renewable Energy Exemption (Solar): 100% of the system value for five years starting on April 1st following the date of application approval. 


Current Tax Credits:

Veteran's Tax Credit: $300.00

Service Connected Total & Permanent Disability: $1,400.00

Surviving Spouse of Veteran Killed in Active Duty: $1,400.00

Exemption vs Credit:
Exemption: An amount deducted from the property’s total assessed value.
Credit: Money deducted from the total tax bill.



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