Vital Records

The City Clerk's Office issues certified copies of birth, death, marriage and divorce records to immediate family members for events that occurred in Franklin, New Hampshire.  Download the Application for a Vital Records Certificate.

We also have access to statewide records for births beginning with 1935 to present with the exception of 1949 and 1950; deaths beginning with 1965 until present and marriages beginning with 1960 until present. Statewide civil union records from 2008 and 2009 may also be requested through this office as well as statewide divorce decrees from 1979 to within six (6) months from the present search date.  For divorce records prior to 1979, please contact the courthouse where your divorce took place. Civil Union Dissolutions: 2008 to within 6 months from the present search date

A direct relative can pick up any Vital Record (Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce). If a Parent is not on the Birth Record they cannot get a copy of the record. A cousin is not considered a direct relative. The first copy is $15.00 and an additional copy at the same time is $10.00.

Visit NH Vital Records Administration website for more information.