Franklin for a Lifetime event represents NH in AARP’s 2017 edition of “Where we live”

Franklin for a lifetime

September 5th 2017, the State Director for AARP presented the Franklin City Council with copies of their annual book “Where we live, Communities for all ages”. This 2017 edition features examples from all 50 states in regards to work being done in communities to engage residents and create successful change. The City of Franklin is highlighted on page 100 for the engagement work done as part of the “Franklin for a Life Time” event in2015. It is quite an honor to represent New Hampshire, as positive example for others to follow.

Summary quotes from the publication written by Nancy Leamond-AARP Executive Vice President: “Themes of successful change include: It really does take a village. There are benefits to starting small and acting fast. There’s no generation gap when it comes to great communities. The “experienced class” is a valued community asset. AARP is committed to supporting local communities and those leading the way for change. We understand that while change starts with the spark of an idea, people need practical tools and resources to get ideas moving and make them real.”  Personally, I couldn’t agree more with Ms. Leamond! These are guidelines that I have tried to live by when working with the Franklin Mayor & City Council, department heads, volunteers, and residents to bring about community change most recently in our downtown. I would only add that change takes time, persistence, patience, and a healthy dose of optimism!

(Copy of page 100 & 101 Franklin excerpt from the book.  If you would like to view the entire publication feel free to stop by the City Manager’s office.)

Elizabeth A. Dragon

Franklin City Manager