Franklin Police Department





Patrol Officers

The City of Franklin offers law enforcement patrol officers an exciting, dynamic, and challenging career opportunity.  Members of the patrol division strive to preserve the peace and protect life and property within the City through proactive and directed patrol initiatives.  Members serve as the City’s first line of defense against criminal enterprise and law violators.  As the most visible and most accessible members of the Department, Patrol Officers have ample opportunity to interact with the public and promote public safety.

Patrol officers are responsible for a myriad of enforcement and investigative duties including, but not limited to: crimes against persons and property, traffic control and motor vehicle enforcement, motor vehicle accident investigations, and civil disturbances.

Patrol officers work under the general supervision of a departmental supervisor, who makes general assignments as to the area to be patrolled, specific cases to be investigated, etc.  Duties are performed independently requiring Officers to exercise sound judgment in meeting emergencies and determining lawful and appropriate courses of action.

Patrol Officers have the opportunity to receive specialized training in the areas of: Bicycle Patrol, Accident Reconstruction, Drug Recognition, Firearms, Taser, Defensive Tactics, and many other areas of interest.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Must be a US citizen;
  • Applicant must be 21 years of age;
  • H.S. Diploma/GED equivalent required;
  • Post-secondary schooling strongly recommended;
  • Must possess valid driver's license.

Non-Certified Police Officer Applicants

All non-certified police applicants must pass a written test, physical agility test, oral board, psychological exam, polygraph exam, and medical physical to include a drug screen, as well as an extensive background investigation.  Read the Non-Certified Police Officer Hiring Process here.


Certified Police Officer Applicants

The Franklin Police Department utilizes a modified application process for full-time Police Officers certified in NH or any other state.  Applicants must pass a physical agility test, oral board or administrative interview, psychological exam, polygraph exam, medical physical, to include a drug screen, as well as an extensive background investigation.  This process may be further modified at the discretion of the Chief of Police.


City Employment Applications and resumes should be submitted to:

Franklin Police Department
5 Hancock Terrace
Franklin, NH 03235
Attention: Lieutenant Ralph Hale