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Get the FACTS

Think that everyone’s doing drugs and drinking?  Or that smoking marijuana is okay?  Or that it’s cool to get drunk on the weekends?

Maybe that’s what other kids say... but it’s not really true. Get the facts.

Myth:  Everyone’s drinking and using drugs.
Reality:  Most kids in New Hampshire don’t do drugs, smoke cigarettes, or drink alcohol.

Myth:  Getting hammered on Saturday is a way to let off steam.
Reality:  Binge drinking erases your memory and can lead to alcohol poisoning.  Alcohol causes you to make risky decisions, like reckless driving, picking a fight, or other behaviors you will regret.

Myth:  Marijuana is harmless.
Reality:  Not so.  Smoking marijuana causes a lot of the same health problems as cigarettes.  Marijuana can effect your memory and problem-solving skills.  Did you know that kids who get good grades are a lot less likely to use marijuana than kids who get bad grades?

Myth:  Kids who smoke cigarettes are free spirited.
Reality:  Kids who buy cigarettes are supporting big business.  Tobacco advertising manipulates you to buy cigarettes — and get hooked.  Nicotine is the main drug in tobacco and it is extremely difficult to quit.  Smoking cigarettes causes lung and other types of cancer.

Myth:  Prescription drugs are safe because they're prescribed by a doctor.
Reality:  Abusing any prescription drug can lead to addiction, serious side effects and, in some cases, can lead to accidental death by overdose.

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