City Wide Update of Property Assessment Values

The City is undergoing a “City Wide update of values” and has contracted with Avitar Associates for this service for the tax year 2018.

During this process, Avitar personnel will be driving around the city reviewing properties and comparing data to the assessment record to insure an accurate description of each property. This may require them to drive up driveways. All vehicles will be marked with emblems on the side doors indicating “Avitar Municipal Services”. This is a time sensitive process and as such, Avitar will not be seeking to engage in conversation. Once values are finalized, you will receive a notice of preliminary assessment in the mail with instructions for scheduling an appointment with the assessor to discuss your assessment.

Also, we want to advise you that solar arrays, while not previously assessed, will be listed on the assessment record for 2018 and valued accordingly as these features contribute to market value.

NH law has a provision for local municipalities to adopt a solar exemption. The City is currently looking into the solar exemption and will likely address it within the next couple of monthly City Council meetings. If the exemption is adopted by the City Council, you will need to file a one-time request for the exemption. We will follow up with additional information if the exemption is adopted by the City Council. In the meantime, you can follow the Council agendas and meeting times as well as sign up for email notifications on the City’s website