Applications can only be filed with the Assessing Office after you receive the November/December tax bill (final tax bill) and no later than March 1st.

An RSA 76:16 property tax abatement may be granted for "good cause" (disproportionality or hardship). The abatement and appeal processes are summarized as follows:

  • the taxpayer files an Abatement Application with the municipality;
  • the municipality reviews the abatement application and issues a decision, or if it does not issue a decision, the abatement application is "deemed denied"
  • the taxpayer files an RSA 76:16-a appeal with BTLA (or the superior court, but not both) if the taxpayer still disagrees with the assessment; and
  • the appeal is resolved by BTLA (or superior court) with a right of appeal to the supreme court.

For more information or help please contact:

New Hampshire Board of Tax & Land Appeals (BTLA)
107 Pleasant Street | Concord, NH 03301-3834
Phone: 603.271.2578